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Make A Difference!

Document and Report Cruelty, Abuse & Neglect - Initiate An Investigation
Equines at auctions are protected under the Animal Welfare Act and state anti-cruelty statutes - <This link's target cannot be found>  Dated photos or video footage are a plus!

Write Letters to your Local Legislators
      Some are even online!

Give Recognition to Law Enforcement When Due

Contact the Media in Your Area      
      Try to get reporters interested in doing a story.

Support Rescues
Help with vet & feed bills, participate in sponsorship programs, donate equipment (even 2nd hand), donate medical supplies or wormers or supplements, even phone cards for use during site inspections and field investigations.

Adoption instead of Purchasing from Dealers
Your adoption can make room at a rescue barn for another horse in need!  Alot of rescues are on line.  Conduct a search through your browser with the key words - Horse, Equine, Adoption, Rescue, Placement.  Or, visit the ERR Bulletin Board and make an inquiry for your state/area.  

Attend an auction and participate on the ERR Readers Report!
This is a forum created for the people, by the people.  The ERR cannot attend all of the auction across the U.S., but with your help, we can have an auction resource that new people can turn to.  You would be educating others on the equine issues in YOUR area!  Your participation is vital to the success of this forum.

Volunteer your time, talent and specialized skills
Many organizations would love help around the barn.  Some need web site assistance.  You could distribute flyers.  Trainers are always needed!  If you have a talent or skill, call, I am sure someone will put you to work!

Suggestions are always welcome and can be added to this page!