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New Holland
New Holland Vet
When attending the Monday sale at New Holland Sales Stables, Inc. please make sure that you do not leave the premises and travel across state lines with your new horse unless you have a current coggins!

New Holland has hired a veterinarian to attend the Monday sale, Dr. James S. Holt, VMD, who is affiliated with the Brandywine Veterinary Services in Coatesville, PA.  He has a lab set up on the premises and can draw blood, conduct a coggins test and give you same day results, in a matter of hours, so long as you don't wait until the very last minute.

If you have a particular question about a horse for sale, we have found that in general he does give you a good diagnosis.

Keep in mind that this veterinarian is in the building should you need him, but, never forget, he is on the auction house's payroll.  You can go to the office and ask for him.  They can either page him, or direct you to where he is.

James S. Holt, VMD
Milissa R. Cooper, VMD
Cassie Mahoney, VMD
Brandywine Veterinary Services
113 Wynne Wood Drive
Coatesville, PA  19320
(610) 383-1866