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Pennsylvania Livestock Auction

Pennsylvania Livestock Auction, Inc.
(a.k.a. Waynesburg)

RD4, Box 432
Waynesburg, PA 15370.
Bus Phone (724) 627-9585 (724) 852-2202
Res Phone (301) 746-8178

Livestock auction sale every thursday.
General auction starts at 11:45, horses usually go up for sale around 1:00.

The number of horses usually vary from about 25 to almost 100 sometimes. Some are in
good condition, some in not-so-good condition.

Horses are sold by the pound or by the head. Prices per pound range from .29 to .65 cents per pound.  A horse has been bought for .19 per pound, but you can imagine the condition he was in.  The top prices for horses generally are never over $800, the lowest personal purchase was for $140.  

They take cash or check only.

Usually the typical meat "men" are there -- Andio, Fisher, Ghost, Yost, Kauff"man". Unfortunately, they get most of them.

Waynesburg is about 40 miles south of Pittsburgh, 25 miles north of Morgantown, West Virginia.

This information was been researched by Nancy M., who has attended this auction.  Should you have questions, you can email her at: