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Tiny, A New Holland Rescue

Several rescues attended the January 15, 2001 auction in New Holland, PA.  A volunteer for the ERR and Carpe Diem Equine Rescue observed a palomino with an elevated respiratory rate and suffering from chronic heaves.  We were there for documentation and investigation, but our hearts went out to this poor creature and we were determined to do something if a meat dealer bid on him.  Fortunately, there was a family with a young girl in the audience who bid on this horse.  At that point, we thought our job was done and we would continue with other matters.

Then, Lost and Found Rescue (PA) brought to our attention a belgian gelding.  We said we would look, and one look was all it took.  There stood an underweight belgian gelding, with swollen knees, blind in his left eye, with a halter so tight it was digging into his face and covered in filth.  

Lost and Found negotiated with a killer dealer, the ERR wrote a check, and this big guy was SAFE.  You had to see the tears of joy Kelly shed, when she realized the big guy would not be getting loaded into a meat truck.  We then named this lucky boy "Tiny" and sought out a vet.

The vet on call responded, and we had him quickly examine Tiny.  He indicated that the gelding had full range of motion in his knees, and that with time off he may be "okay", but presently he was not in any condition to be worked.  He confirmed that the horse was blind in one eye, and then checked his teeth and aged him at 19 years old.

We were not prepared to rescue that day, that was not our purpose on this trip, but one look into Tiny's eyes told us WE MUST DO SOMETHING.  

At that point, the President of Carpe Diem Equine Rescue was consulted, and the decision was made, we would split the costs and have this gentle giant euthanized, because it was a far better fate than a trip in a double deck cattle truck to a slaughter house.  The other rescues in attendance were consulted, but there were no stalls to be found.

Arrangements were being made for euthanasia, but then a miracle occurred.  Double D Equine Rescue was going to rescue another horse and was handling a few details when they learned that Tiny was going to be put down.  The true angels that these women are, they agreed to take Tiny back to the rescue.  Double D was at New Holland that day to help facilitate rescue operations for another organization and Tiny' story spread fast.  The farm in New Hampshire that was working with the funding organization (Excellor) decided they wanted Tiny and provided him with a permanent retirement home.

Of course Double D was in contact with ERR, and when we received the news we were elated!  Debbie finalized the arrangements and Tiny was picked up a week later.

Tiny is now happy, gaining weight and flourishing under the care of EPONA in New Hampshire.

Many thanks to all the folks who helped Tiny through his "journey home":
Debbie and Lisa at Double D Equine Rescue for taking him in!
EPONA in NH for giving him a retirement home!
Kelly from Lost and Found for finding this gentle giant and negotiating him away from the killers!
Anja from Carpe Diem Equine Rescue for being willing to support our endeavors that day!
And my husband, for not killing me, when he heard I wrote a check!